About Bonnie

BonnieWelcome to Bonnie’s Best Cookies!

Finally, a place where grown-ups can go to get cookies that understand them. Bonnie’s Best Cookies have no sprinkles. . .no frostings. . .no sparklers, umbrellas, smiley-faces or sound effects.

Bonnie doesn’t compromise. Ever.

Just traditional recipes that have held true through time, with Bonnie’s special touch. Each cookie is homemade, with the freshest and best ingredients –  by hand, which is why each one is unique.

Cookies for contemplation, and reflection. . .or for the company of peers.

Cookies that don’t go with “something to wash them down” – no, these go with a cup of something soothing, or a drink.

They retain the original magic: a sophistication that is only appreciated by eating them slowly. . .yet a simple, pure taste that rings bells you haven’t heard since childhood.